Friday, April 13, 2007

For 9th Time This Season, Kobe Gets 50 [David Stefanini]

For the 9th different time this season, Kobe Bryant has scored at least 50 points in a game. The only difference about this one, is it did not help his team win the game. Usually when Kobe scores 50 the Lakers win, however this time it was the other Los Angeles team that won. The Clippers defeated the Lakers, putting the Lakers in danger of missing the playoffs.

However the storyline was once again Kobe. He has set another record by passing the great Michael Jordan. In the past 40 years no one has scored 50 points as many times in a single season. The top 3? Well they are:

1) Kobe Bryant - 9 times
2) Michael Jordan - 8 times
3) Kobe Bryant - 6 times

We are watching the best pure scorer of his generation in his prime right now. It is my hope he will make the playoffs and put on a show for a national audience.

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