Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mets Lose Another No-Hit Bid [J. Mark English]

The New York Mets have been in existence for forty six years plus. They are a team that during the timespan has enjoyed great success on the pitching mound. Tom Seaver, and Dwight Gooden have notched Cy Young awards for the Mets. They have had countless one-hitters from Met greats like Seaver, Gooden, Tom Glavine, Bobby Jones, David Cone, Rick Reed, Pedro Martinez, and so many others. All in all they have had at least 30 no hitters. Most recently it was El-Duque Hernandez who took the Mets on a roller coaster ride to a one-hitter. Even Aaron Heilman came oh so close to a no-hitter a few years ago.

Before every game I think to myself 'well this will be the night'. I mean they have to do it sometime right? The Florida Marlins have had four no-hitters in just a 14 year history, why shouldn't the Mets have at least one?

To make it worse, the Mets have had ex pitchers go on to throw a total of 13 no-hitters. Hideo Nomo, Dwight Gooden, Alejandro Pena, David Cone, Mike Scott, Tom Seaver have all thrown no-no's. The most famous ex Met pitcher to toss a no hitter was Nolan Ryan whom collectively had seven no hitters.

Even players who would become Mets had no hitters before they came to New York. Such players are Al Leiter, Pedro Martinez, Bret Saberhagen, and Octavio Dotel. (Actually Dotel did it after being a Met in a four pitcher combo no-hitter against the Yankees)

All of this brings us to tonights game between the New York Mets and the Florida Marlins. All be-it not a perfect game, but still a no-hitter, John Maine of the Mets entered the seventh inning with a no-hit bid on the line. Miguel Cabrera led off the seventh with a line drive single, ruining yet another no hit opportunity for the New York Mets.

Maybe next game....maybe next game. Sigh.

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