Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Carlos Delgado is Back [David Stefanini]

Well it looks as if the most dangerous team in the NL just got more dangerous. Carlos Delgado is back and swinging the bat like the Delgado of old. For the beginning part of the season it looked as if Delgado may never snap out of his early season funk, well thankfully he did. He may be on the down side of his career, but tonight he made it look easy.

Delgado hit two home-runs including a 12th inning walk off homer of Armando Benitez. Going into the game he was batting .239, but he has been on a recent power surge. There was a time that David Wright and Delgado had a combined 2 home runs. Now they have 16 between the two of them. Now that Delgado found his power swing, I wouldn't expect him to lose it any time soon.

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