Monday, May 28, 2007

Ryan Freel of the Reds in Serious Collision [J. Mark English]

My oh my. I hope he's okay, but I just heard about this from a Fox News website:

Outfielder Ryan Freel was transported from Great American Ballpark by ambulance this afternoon. He was strapped on a backboard with his head in a neck brace.

Norris Hopper and Freel crossed paths as they were chasing a fly ball. They collided after Freel caught the ball.

Freel fell to the warning track and rolled against the wall.

Freel remained motionless for several minutes after hitting the ground. Manager Jerry Narron and several other coaches ran to his side. An ambulance drove onto the field to pick up Freel.

The Reds are playing the Pirates.

Ken Griffey, Jr replaced Freel and play has continued.

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