Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Clemens Needs to Start Against the Red Sox [Addison Quale]

Well, here we are. The Yankees are drifting closer and closer to kissing this season goodbye. They've lost four in a row and now sit with a 21-28 record a mere 13.5 games behind Boston. Who can remember the last time the Yanks were this far below .500 this late in the season? My guess is you may have to go back to 1991 or something when the Bronx Bombers consisted of Steve Sax, Luis Polonia and Steve Balboni. But wait! Here comes Roger Clemens! At least that was the plan right? And what a way to enter the 2007 season as the Yankees hero--he could swoop in and defeat their mortal foes the Red Sox at Fenway Park! But alas, it seems the Rocket may forgo pitching this weekend against the Sox. He's still not quite ready--after three months of spring training. Or something. Look, the Yanks can always come back. But if they don't and the season is a giant bust, the icing on the cake--or rather, salt in the wound--is going to be perhaps watching Roger Clemens bumble through the season afraid to confront Boston head on. And of course he'll be doing it with 18 Million in his pocket. Oh, baseball! There's never a dull moment!

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