Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Around the World of Sports [David Stefanini]

Lets start with my favorite the NBA. What a horrible NBA Finals it has been. There is no competition, one team is clearly dominate, and the main attraction is playing like a role player. When he has a good game the referee decides hitting someone, and intentionally doing so, does not warrant a whistle we know something is wrong. As Mark pointed out earlier the Spurs are the worst, most boring, pathetic excuse for a dynasty any sport has ever seen. I have one request for the Finals... BRING BACK JORDAN!!!

Now onto baseball. Justin Verlander threw a no hitter, congratulations to him. I just can't get as excited over no hitters anymore. Honestly, I can't get excited over any accomplishments made in MLB because of the steroids. This is the second no hitter of the year, and we should have three this season with Curt Schilling just missing out on one. I'll be impressed with a perfect game, not a no hitter. It's a great feat but its become to common.

Football's only headlines have been Michael Vick's involvement (or lack there of) in dog fighting, and Daunte Culpepper wanting to be released. I'll start with Vick, I have said it before on this blog you are innocent until proven guilty. Vick hasn't even been charged yet and the media has crucified him. I wish the media treated him the way they did McNabb. If that was true every week we'd hear how he is a fighter and will come through this. But it isn't true, so we'll hear about how "great" McNabb his, and how stupid Vick is. I have a problem with Daunte Culpepper. He asked the Dolphins to 'do the right thing' and release him. How about they invested all sorts of millions of dollars into you when many teams wouldn't. I think they have the right to do whatever the hell they damn well please with you. Other than make the team look horrible last year what did you do?

Hockey... do they still play it?

Lastly, I want to talk about a huge story that happened a couple of days ago in NASCAR. The biggest name in the sport, Dale Earnhardt Jr. has signed with Hendrick Motor Sports. That means Jeff Gordon and Jr. are going to be teammates. Two things are going to be a clear result of this. Jr's father is kicking and screaming in his grave, and Hendrick Motor Sports may very well win 80% of the races from now on. Imagine lining up with Jimmie Johnson, Dale Jr. and Jeff Gordon as your three key drivers? It is the same as having Peyton Manning hand off to LT, and just for insurance have Chad Johnson as the WR.

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