Sunday, June 10, 2007

Spurs Lead 2-0: Win Game 103-92 [David Stefanini]

11:42 pm - It was a horrible game, that was poorly officiated on both sides of the ball. In the first half I felt the Cavs were given a lot of calls and in the 4th quarter the Spurs were getting the calls. I just wish there was some consistency with these refs. But other than that the game was terrible. The crowd was terrible. Hopefully Cleveland will be better.

11:40 pm - I thought I would never say this, LeBron needs to stop shooting. He keeps shooting 3's and missing whereas Daniel Gibson keeps shooting anything and makes it. Please give Gibson the ball and get out of his way.

11:37 pm - And there is the game. Ginobili hits a three-pointer and gets fouled. The fork was stuck into the Cavs but at least they made it interesting. There are a couple of things with LeBron, pass the ball to Gibson, and stop turning the ball over!

11:35 pm - If this game was better officiated the Cavs could be within a possession or two right now.

11:30 pm - Are you serious right now?!? LeBron James and the Cavs are making this a game right now. The lead is in single digits for the first time since the 1st quarter. About 50 minutes ago I said this game was over and if you were watching this you needed to see a doctor. Luckily I went against my own advice and continued to watch. The Cavs are very much in this game and have a chance to steal it! COME ON CAVS!!

10:52 pm - Sorry, I forgot there was a game still going on. I am going to stop with the Live Blogging now. This game is horrible and if you are still watching it, I know the name of a good doctor, if you need his number feel free to email me.

10:40 pm - If anyone is still out there watching this "game", I am predicting the Spurs to win. What? Is it to obvious?

10:21 pm - This game is pathetic. It is a boring blowout and I think I feel asleep in the middle of it. Now we get to watch the horrible coverage of ABC at halftime, lucky us.

10:13 pm - Someone kill Jackson. The greatest Power Forward ever is Tim Duncan? Wow, he really needs to get slapped. Garnett is better than Duncan, just on a worse team.

10:09 pm - This game sucks. This series has sucked. It is the professors schooling the student. The Cavs look lost.

10:04 pm - That is an incredible stat. Tony Parker can score in the paint with the likes of Boozer, Duncan, and LeBron! That is outstanding.

9:58 pm - WOW. Tony Parker is amazing. The Cavs made a run to get the lead under 15, but Parker decided he wants to win this game.... lead back up to 19

9:55 pm - Well the Cavs are finally attacking the basketball. Instead of taking the first shot that looks decent, they are moving the ball, driving to the hole, and taking the best shot. The lead is now down to 14. The thing that hurts them now, is they can not hit a free throw. Van Gundy said it best, this could be a single digit lead if they could git free throws.

9:52 pm - Did LeBron really just shoot an air ball at the free throw line... and then answer with a fast break dunk? Hopefully that gets him going.

9:50 pm - Can we please have back the NBA on NBC. ABC's coverage is horrible.

9:45 pm - LeBron finally gets out on the fast break but he travels. So what happens on the other end, Manu hits a three pointer. The Cavs need to stay within striking distance (between 15-20) going into the first half. If they can do that they have a chance.

9:41 pm - This is not fun anymore. Tim Duncan is dominating the game and LeBron, once again, has gone ice cold.

9:22 pm - You see what happens when Daniel Gibson is put in the game? They go on a nice run and cut the lead down to three. That is the way things are supposed to happen.

The great news is this, the Spurs can't miss, the Cavs can't hit, and LeBron James picked up his second foul and is sitting on the bench with 9 minutes to go in the first quarter. Tony Parker is amazing and deserves the MVP, even though we are 1 game and 3 minutes into this series.

This game is getting out of hand quickly. They need to bench Larry Hughes, get in Daniel Gibson, and bring LeBron back in!

But there is some real good news. Rumor has it that Mike Brown just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance by switching to...... oh never mind.

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