Sunday, June 10, 2007

Curtis Martin, You Are a Role Model [David Stefanini]

Curtis Martin is the definition of role model. Throughout his brilliant career he has conducted himself in such a graceful and professional manner. He has been one of the top backs in the history of the league, and doesn't run his mouth off like most players do. If you were to watch ESPN Tuesday-Saturday chances are you would not see Curtis Martin. He wouldn't throw his teammates or coaches under the bus. It seems that is the way to make headlines these days in sports, but Martin didn't care. You would see Curtis Martin rushing on Sundays for 100 yards, with a couple of touchdowns. That is where you would find Curtis Martin.

But today he did, once again, Curtis Martin showed what a true role model would do. Knowing his career is more than likely over he, voluntarily, terminated the last two years on his contract. This move saved the New York Jets roughly 2 million dollars in cap room. Last year when it was clear he would be unable to play, Martin took a pay cut to the league minimum to give the Jets more salary cap room.

What more does this man have to do to prove himself in the eyes of the American public. He is a true role model and everyone who hears about this story should be thankful that there are still athletes out there who carry themselves in this manner.

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