Thursday, June 14, 2007

Final Score: Spurs 83 Cavs 82 [David Stefanini]

12:00 am - HOW ABOUT TONY PARKER! He just won another ring, he won the MVP, and tonight he gets to go home to Eva Longoria! How is that fair? No to mention his millions of dollars in the bank account. Did I mention he is marrying Eva Longoria in a month! Man I am jealous.

11:58 - I am happy to see Michael Finley get his ring he truly deserved it.

11:48 - It would have been a 1 point game if they had more time. The Cavs should feel like absolute crap! They had a chance at this game but threw in the towel. They should leave the arena right now and in there press conference apologize to every single one of their fans. I feel horrible saying I rooted for a team that didn't even want to try.

11:47 - The Cavs are pathetic. Its a 2 point game, and they let the Spurs drain the clock with 40 seconds to go. Now they have a chance in hell of winning and dont have enough time.

11:43 - Damon Jones hits all 3 free-throws and cuts the lead to 3. Don't the Cavs feel stupid now that they didn't foul earlier. They could of had 24 more seconds to make up 3 points.

11:41 - Did someone really just call a foul in this situation? Imagine he makes them all, the Spurs miss both free throws and then LeBron hits the game tying 3 at the buzzer, o forget it.

11:39 - As my friend Xavier just pointed out to me. The Cavs have put up the least amount of effort of any Finals team in history. They settled for jump shots and didn't attack the rim. They didn't go after lose balls, and they didn't play with urgency. Give credit to the Spurs, but the Cavs should leave the floor right now.

11:37 - The Cavs should be embarrassed. They couldn't grab a single rebound when they needed to, and they gave up by not even fouling or double teaming. Get off the court and let the Spurs celebrate on your floor... Jordan would never allow that.

11:36 - And thats all folks.....

11:35 - I said this a few minutes ago, if you can't grab a rebound you don't deserve to win.

11:34 - He hit the 3, then turned it over again.

11:33 - One more turnover for LeBron, and witht hat layup it is a 8 point game with 2 minutes left, say good night.

11:31 - I think the game is over, the Spurs execute and the Cavs don't; its that simple.

11:29 - If you can't get a rebound you don't deserve to win the game. The Cavs gave them 100 chances, 3 to be exact, to get that 3 point play. That hurts, and it is time to shine up the trophy.

11:27 - That 3 y Ginobili really hurts the Cavs. And this person who is barking is killing me. I want this person executed.

11:26 - LETS GO CAVS!!!

11:26 - My God, LeBron can't hit free-throws.

11:24 - My concern is that little break is going to kill the momentum of the Cavs and give the Spurs a chance to catch there breathe and let them do exactly what Manu just did. That hurts, a 4 point possession kills a team.

11:20 - Can someone smack the person who is barking like a dog into the microphone?

11:19 - The Spurs can't score and the Cavs are on an 11-0 run to start the 4th! The Cavs need to just keep running, and not stop running until there legs fall off.

11:18 - The Cavs have a lead for the first time in the second half all series! They are on a run, and they look good!

11:17 - We have ourselves a game ladies and gentlemen. We have ourselves a game!!!

11:15 - Marshall may have gotten away with an extra step, but it cancels out the non-calls on Tony Parker. Marshall makes it a 1 possession game. This is becoming interesting. remarkably.

11:13 - Well LeBron is Mr. Arrogant isn't he? Eric Snow is trying to rally the troops and LBJ sits there bitting his nails.

11:10 - What is going on? The Cavs are making shots, and its a 4 point game! Lets go CAVS!!

11:09 - But then again, they are only down by 6. How is that possible, I would think they are down by 20.

11:08 - I am tempted to turn this off and go to bed.

11:02 - YAWNNNNN. Thankfully we are only 12 minutes away from ending this.

11:01 - Lets see if the Cavs can do something now. They have done this a few times, but together a couple of baskets and then fall apart. Maybe they can keep it together.

10:56 - I am calling this game over. Lets go get the brooms and sweep this horrible series away. Lets not forget, it was an amazing NBA Season and a pretty good playoff run. Just because this series completely sucked, shouldn't take away from this season.

10:53 - What is happening? I am agreeing with the ABC announcers. LeBron needs the ball on the block, and Van Gundy is right, a double-double is completely overrated.

10:50 - KOBE! When Jordan retired in 98, Kobe was a teenager. Kobe had 35 ppg, deserved the MVP last season, and o yeah, scored 81 points in one game.

10:48 - I have an idea that can make this game interesting. Bring in Carmelo Anthony and let him start punching people at random. That should make things interesting.

10:45 - Now I am mad! How come the damn games start before 9, if the Cavs can win any games? What the hell is that about. You saw the rating were horrible so you figured, lets play the games when people are awake? Your just as stupid as MLB. (I don't even know who you are, but the readers hopefully get my point)

10:43 - LeBron's jump shot is not there, why is he not going to the block. I finally agree with Mark Jackson. They can't stop him on the block, go there.

10:42 - To all the young kids out there, learn to play defense. You see what it has done to Bruce Bowen.

10:38 - This is how bad the game/series has been. The Cavs go on a 4-0 run, 4-0, and the Spurs call a time-out to break the momentum.

10:37 - "He lures you to sleep", he certainly does.

10:36 - LeBron named his kid over a movie? Thankfully we are sending these kids to college for a year.

10:34 - The crowd is looking for something, anything to cheer for. But the Cavs just keep throwing it away.

10:33 - Well 24 minutes left in the worst NBA Finals since the Spurs played the Pistons.

10:25 - GIVE ME A BREAK! The Spurs will have more rings than the Lakers but any one of those 3 Lakers teams would wipe the floor with the Spurs. Also this isn't a dynasty. They won 4 titles in 9 years. Win two back to back and then say your a dynasty. Bulls won 3 in a row-twice, the Lakers won 3, but they could have still been winning if they weren't greedy. IF this is a dynasty this is the worst dynasty in sports. Win titles back to back then the Spurs can say they are a dynasty.

10:13 - Earlier I said that I was being entertained, I was so wrong. This series and game is once again horrible. Its not great defense, its horrible offense. No one can knock down shots and the Spurs are just terrible to watch. I think I am going to take a 10 minute nap before this game puts me to sleep, or go read a book. Reading a book is about as interesting as this entire series has been.

10:12 - Why do they need extra time? They cant score anyway, what is the point?

10:08 - That shot was going into until Big Z touched it. At least LeBron looks like he knows he needs to score because no one else can.

10:07 - Sugar Ray Leonard used to buy his fights. Right Marvin Hagler?

10:04 - Terrell Owens is sitting there thinking, "I can play better than LeBron why aren't I out there right now. I'll show them how to play. Just give me the ball."

10:01 - Just to further my Hollywood is out of ideas concept, they needed to do a sequel to Bruce Almighty with Evan Almighty? Why don't they do another Rocky movie... o wait they did.

10:00 - Do the refs believe in calling a travel on Tony Parker. That is at least the third time he has gotten away with to many steps this series.

9:58 - This is the first game I feel as if I am being entertained while I am watching it. Yes it is boring, but I can sit through it. The Cavs are on a little bit of a run, trying to take the lead before half time.

9:55 - Hopefully everyone watching that knows its fake. You never see the ball through an entire shot. Clearly its fake.

9:53 - Jessica Alba has to be the sexiest human alive.

9:52 - That was a great time out by Mike Brown. They needed to give LeBron a few minutes to relax after his minor injury.

9:50 - The Cavs are playing as well as they can, and they are losing the game. Tim Duncan only has 2 points, and The King went to the bench. It doesn't look good for the Cavs.

9:48 - I want to pose this question. Who is the worse free throw shooter, LBJ or Tim Duncan?

9:43 - Well call me a fortune teller. With the exception of Big Z this is the lineup I wanted the Cavs to have. Now they have to run it correctly. Get the ball to LeBron and pass it until one of the 4 shooters gets an open look.

9:40 - I don't like seeing Robert Horry go to the bench, he is one of my favorite players in the league. Also, doesn't Ramon Jones' jumper look sweet?

9:37 - I would like to see the Cavs go with this lineup: Damon Jones, Daniel Gibson, LBJ, Donyell Marshall, and Big Z. Surround LeBron with shooters and see what happens.

9:35 - What is up with all the sequels? Is Hollywood out of ideas? All they do is make comic book movies and sequels. But I will go and bring my girlfriend to watch it and contribute my 20 bucks to the box office.

9:32 - At the end of the 1st quarter the Cavs have a 1 point lead on the Spurs. The thing I noticed about the 1st is this: the Spurs do not look comfortable. For whatever reason it is, they are turning it over and looking more like the Knicks than the Spurs. That was a low-blow for Knick fans out there, but sorry its true. With that said, the Spurs will not play worse than they did and the Cavs are only up 1. Good luck Cleveland.

9:30 - There is the LeBron James the world needs to see. He needs to attack, attack, and attack. They get on the fast break and Snow passes it to Marshall when LeBron is running the court. Now LeBron has to hit free-throws, no chance of that happening.

9:27 - Tell Michelle Tafoya to shut up. A team that has a 3-0 lead in a series, WILL NEVER play like it is Game 7 and they need a win. Please do not tell us that.

9:24 - They really are making a Rush Hour 3. I have been waiting for this movie since Chris Tucker said at the end of Rush Hour 2, "you know he won't be in Rush Hour 3". I can't wait for that movie. I know its not sports related, but neither was the Sopranos and that was worth talking about...

9:23 - The Cavs needed to take a time out. I needed to catch my breathe after seeing Eva Longoria.

9:20 - How come Bruce Bowen can hit that shot, but he can't hit a free throw? I really hope next year we get different announcers in the Finals. LeBron hits a jump shot and he "looks like Jordan". Give me a break.....WOW is Parker fast.

9:16 - The first time out of the game is called. The Cavs have a slim lead and look good. Gibson still can't stop Tony Parker, but at least he has the confidence to keep shooting hitting 3s. Along with Steve Nash, my least favorite player is about to check into the game, Manu Ginobili.

9:13 - I LOVE THIS KID. I am on the Daniel Gibson bandwagon. He certainly had a bad game in his first start yesterday, but thats over with. He is starting today and that is all that matters.

9:12 - This is one of the bad things about the NBA Finals this year. This horrible angle where you see half the court, and nothing else is really bad. Can they please stick to the basics.

9:10 - Its a good sign that LeBron hit a jump shot. He needs to hit those for the Spurs to have a chance.

9:07 - Cavs score first....

9:00 - Greatest comeback in sports history? Did he watch the 2004 Boston Red Sox come back against the New York Yankees? Sure this a championship series whereas the Boston/Yanks series wasn't. However, baseball is more popular, and it is Boston and the Yanks. The Spurs and Cavs haven't had as big of a rivalry.

8:57 - The Cavs will win this game. Why? Daniel Gibson is in the starting lineup! I have only asked for this last week, its about time they listen to me.

***Live Blogging Notice***
I will be doing live blogging tonight during the game. Do not forget to refresh your browser every 5-10 minutes to see my latest comments.

Enjoy the game everyone...if its possible.

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