Thursday, June 14, 2007

Missing the Bigger Picture with ARod/Clemens [David Stefanini]

As I was driving to work today, I was listening to sports radio. One of the things I heard got me thinking.

The broadcaster said Alex Rodriguez and Roger Clemens are chasing down great All-Time Records and the media isn't paying much attention to it. He said how the real home run record is 61 games by Roger Maris, which ARod is on pace to come very close to. The broadcaster also said the true record for most wins in a career is the great Warren Sphan with 363.

Most people see the home run record as being 73, accomplished by Barry Bonds. The most wins in a career is held by Cy Young. The difference with Cy Young is, he pitched in a era where the most home runs hit in a season was 10. This bring me to my point; is it fair to look down on Bond's and Young's record because one may have cheated and the other pitched in a pitchers era?

I think in the case of Barry Bonds, he has the record and will until someone hits 74. You are innocent until proven guilty, sure Bonds may have cheated but most of the players probably have (look at Pujols forearms).

In the case of Cy Young, I think the announce was right on target. Everybody above Cy Young pitched in the dead ball era (pre 1920). If they pitched past the 20's, most of their winning years were before then. I think it is appropriate to say Roger Clemens is only 14 wins away from tying the All-Time mark for wins in a career. I feel this is one of two great records that have a chance of falling this season. Clemens will likely need to comeback for another year, but Bonds should make it to Aaron's all-time home run mark. Hopefully baseball will not ignore Clemens the way they are ignoring Bonds.

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