Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yankees Win Streak Continues [A.J. Cordi]

The New York Yankees just won their 9th straight game! At this point, you can't ask for a better team! They got the hitting and the pitching working with each other. They're finally beginning to look like a championship team.

Check out the stats (originally posted here) from their 7-1 win on Thursday against the Arizona Diamondbacks:

M. Cabrera cf3110111.253
D. Jeter ss3120102.332
B. Abreu rf4110114.271
A. Rodriguez dh4232100.311
J. Posada c5110016.351
H. Matsui lf4133000.300
R. Cano 2b4000025.269
J. Phelps 1b3011123.273
M. Cairo 3b2000121.224

A. Pettitte (W, 4-4)8.04111402.93
S. Proctor 1.01000203.48

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