Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reaction to Michael Vick [David Stefanini]

Well, J. Mark English was waiting to hear what I had to say and here it is:

This is a case of some stupid DA trying to make a name for himself. Look to the Kobe Bryant case where zero evidence was present to prove his guilt, but yet the DA felt obligated to make a statement. I feel this is the same situation.

A couple of weeks ago there was no evidence to indicate Michael Vick. So what happened? Did they magically step onto some bit of evidence? Now before I say anything else I have to point out how bad this looks for Vick. There seems to be a lot of things pointing to him being guilty. What else am I supposed to say other than this: do not judge Michael Vick yet. Let the justice system run its course before we decide who is the guilty party here.

My only hope the idiot that calls himself the head of the NFL, does not over react with a severe punishment. Vick hasn't been found guilty of anything, but with the way the this idiot has run the NFL that doesn't matter. If you are accused its good enough for him.

My prayers are with Michael Vick, actually they are with everyone who can set him free.

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