Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Bonds: What People Are Saying [J. Mark English]

I'm tickled to death for him...Other people might look differently at him, but when you have a personal relationship with him ... it's different for me. I couldn't be happier... I raised him as a young player, and I think he raised me as a young manager. I don't say I like everything he does, but we've got a tremendous understanding and mutual respect. ... He played every day for me and he busted his tail. What else can you ask for? - Detroit Tigers Manager, Jim Leyland

He remains the most feared batter with the most home runs and the most walks. I know his father rejoices tonight. - The Reverend Jesse Jackson

We are honored to have witnessed his incredible accomplishment here at home in San Francisco. - SF Mayor Gavin Newsom

Bonds' next milestone will be 800. I wish him all the best in reaching that next goal and will be following his pursuit ... with high expectations.... Hitting home runs requires tenacity and passion for baseball while overcoming hardship....and I want to congratulate him from the bottom of my heart. - Sadaharu Oh, whom holds the all time HR record world wide from Japan with 868 HR's.

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