Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eli Manning Fires Back at Tiki Barber [J. Mark English]

Great, this is just what the Giants need...more locker room drama. This is from the Lynn Zinser of the New York Times:

For most of his closely scrutinized Giants career, quarterback Eli Manning has chosen to let the debate about his laid-back personality and his leadership skills swirl without adding much in his defense. He has stayed true to his low-key demeanor, hoping one day his on-field success will render the debate moot.

So it was notable that Manning decided to fire back at one of his detractors Tuesday, although he did so in his own understated style. Without so much as raising his voice or arching an eyebrow, Manning acknowledged the former running back Tiki Barber’s comments that Manning was “uncomfortable” with leadership and he shot right back at Barber.

“I’m not going to lose any sleep about what Tiki has to say,” Manning said between training camp practices Tuesday afternoon. “I guess I could have questioned his leadership skills last year about him calling out the coach and having articles about him retiring in the middle of the season, that he’s lost the heart. It’s tough as a quarterback to read that your running back’s lost the heart in playing the game and it’s the 10th week.”

With the slyest of smiles, Manning added, “I’m just happy for Tiki that he’s making a smooth transition to the media.”

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