Saturday, August 18, 2007

Vick Hasn't Made Up His Mind [David Stefanini]

Michael Vick is still negotiating a possible plea deal. My thoughts on this is, if he is really thinking about agreeing to a plea deal that shows he is guilty. If Vick is truly innocent why would he even be considering taking a plea deal? Also, my other question is, if the Feds have as much evidence, as it seems they do, why do they keep extending the deadline for him to make a deal? If he is guilty, nail this low-life to the wall and make an example of him. Don't let him dictate how this ends up. Show the world and the rest of these multi-millionaire superstars that they are not above the law.

When this story first broke about Vick and his possible connections to dog fighting, I was a big supporter of Vick and To a certain extent I still am. He is still innocent until proven guilty and that's just a simple fact that most people are having trouble with. But after looking at the evidence they have on him and looking at what dog fighting really is, I hope justice prevails. If he is guilty, he should be banned from the NFL for life. The last thing I would want is for him to agree to a plea deal, say he did what he is accused of, go to jail for a year, then have the NFL accept him back in a matter of a year or 2.

If Michael Vick is guilty than he should not be allowed back in the NFL, period. I hope the truth comes out, and if Vick is guilty he should be taken for all he is worth.

It seems we are going to have to wait at least a few more days for Vick's decision. People close to Vick say, an announcement as to whether or not he will accept the plea deal will not come this weekend. At the very earliest, an announcement looks to be made sometime early next week.

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