Thursday, August 16, 2007

Selig Will Not Punish Giambi [David Stefanini]

Bud Selig has said he will not punish Jason Giambi for admitting he used steroids. My question to Selig is, why not? Punish Giambi for cheating! I liked Jason Giambi, and he was one of my favorite players. But he deserves to be punished for this.
What kind of message is this sending to the youth of the country? "Hey kids, if you use steroids nothing will happen, other than you will sign a ridiculous contract and be one of the richest players in the game." Yup, I definitely will not use steroids because of that message.
Selig said Giambi was very cooperative with Senator Mitchell's investigation. Also, Selig wrote to Giambi saying this:
"In the days since your interview, your representatives have discussed with my office your commitment to off-field charitable activities. For example, your agent has informed my office that you intend to donate $50,000 to the Partnership of a Drug Free America."
There was more mentioning of other charities Giambi donated to, but it made me sick to write it. You are able to buy your way out of cheating in the game of baseball. You can't directly pay Selig, but as long as you donate your money, nothing will happen. This is just more great commissioning from Bud Selig.

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