Thursday, August 09, 2007

Football Season Is Among Us! (Review of AFC Teams) [Michael Vinciguerra]

After watching the Hall of Fame game last Sunday (which was sadly one-sided by the team I didn't expect to win), I am geared up to watch as much football as possible. I present in this article a quick prediction of how each NFL team appears overall at this moment and whether or not they will succeed in the season, starting with the AFC teams and following up with the NFC teams tomorrow.

Ravens - This team has the best defense on paper (Lewis, Suggs, Reed, Rolle, McAlister). Their offense, with the addition of McGahee, is superb. Clayton and Mason are excellent receivers, while McNair is decent. I really can not find one bad thing to say about them. Even their helmets look amazing. Look for the Ravens to be a Super Bowl contender.

Bills - Poor defense. Losman is less than average. Price and Evans could beamazing receivers, but only if Losman can get them the ball, which he can't. The Bills will be in the cellar in their division.

Bengals - Same Bengals team as last year, but last year they didn't impress anyone much. Look for them to make a run for the wild card. Palmer and the Johnsons are dependable.

Browns - Just when this team can't get any worse, they acquire a rookie QB who will fail just like Leinart did in his first season. Lewis is a nice addition, but he won't save them without a powerful offensive line that he is used to.

Broncos - Arguably, this defense is as good as the Ravens on paper. Bly is a great addition. I'm not sold on Cutler. However, the Broncos are traditionally known for their extensive running game and every year they do well. Therefore, this year will be no different.

Texans - I hope Schaub is ready to take many, many hits in his first starting QB role. This defense is horrible, but I can picture Schaub and Johnson keeping them in the game. The addition of Schaub transforms the Texans into a totally different team because Schaub is better than Carr. They may even post a winning record this year.

Colts - Ahh the Colts. My favorite team. Watching Peyton always puts a smile on my face. Will they be as good as last year? Of course not. They lost way too many defensive men which helped greatly in winning the Super Bowl last year. In addition, they lost a key RB and a third WR. But who cares? When you have Manning, Harrison, and Wayne, you'll always win the division and go far.

Jaguars - Their defense is nasty. Their offense needs work. Poor receiving, Leftwich is less than decent, and Fred Taylor is getting old. The Colts will win this division and there are better wild card teams out their than the Jags.

Chiefs - Honestly, I don't know much about the Chiefs these days. Their starting QB at the moment is someone named Croyle. Their RB position is up in the air. Their receivers aren't the greatest, and their defense is very bad. OK, nevermind, no one needs to worry about the Chiefs.

Dolphins - Trent Green is an excellent addition to the Dolphins. I always liked Chambers and Booker as receivers. Their defense needs work, but I can see the Dolphins finishing with a winning record.

Patriots - I hate the Patriots because they are the Colts' biggest rivals, BUT, this is the #1 team on paper. I Brady can throw the ball to anybody. Just pick a receiver. They are all amazing. Don't forget about Maroney either. Their defense is always great. I see a rematch between the Pats and Colts in the AFC Championship.

Jets - Every year the Jets fall just short of making the Wild Card. This year I bet the Jets make it in. Their team is basically the same, which is both offensively and defensively good. Except now they have a better running game with the addition of Jones.

Raiders - I forgot they were a team. Culpepper can't help this sorry excuse for a team. That's harsh. I apologize....NEXT.

Steelers - I really doubt the Steelers will be as good as they were in the Hall Of Fame game. However, they aren't a bad team. Their defense is still amazing. Big Ben is above average and their first and second string RBs are amazing. Ward is always a great option to throw to. Look for them to make a bid for the Wild Card.

Chargers - The Chargers won't be nearly as good as last year. I am not sold on their defense. Sure they have Merrimen, but I don't see a great defensive team. Rivers is a decent QB and there is no need to go into explanation about Tomlinson. They'll make the playoffs, but not go far.

Titans - Poor Titans. Poor Young. How could he agree to be on the cover of Madden and do this to himself and his team. I actually believed this team was going to be scary and make a bid for the wild card. Now, when Young goes down, the whole team will go down, and it will happen. 7 years of patterns do not lie.

1. Patriots
2. Colts
3. Ravens
4. Broncos

5. Chargers
6. Jets

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