Monday, August 13, 2007

Impact of Thomas Jones and Donovan McNabb's Absences [Michael Vinciguerra]

New York Jets Running Back Thomas Jones limped off the practice field after injuring his lower right leg Sunday. There was no immediate word on the nature or severity of the injury, but it appeared to be either to his ankle or calf.

Wow, this goes against everything I said in my praise of the Jets' future this season. The impact of Jones' injury, if severe, is tremendous. This would place the Jets in the exact position they were last year. Excellent passing and receiving, but no running game. Jones is supposed to be their solid No 1. back. If Jones is out, the Jets certainly can not rely on Washington to carry the team, leaving the Jets one-dimensional. What does that mean? In short, the Jets will not be able to keep up in the competitive AFC. Of course, thats if Jones' injury is severe or if he is injured again this season.

In other news.......

McNabb, recovering from surgery on his right knee, will not play Monday when the Eagles open their preseason with a game in Baltimore against the Ravens.

Looks like McNabb is going to start the season exactly where he finished it....on the bench. Coach Andy Reid decided not to start McNabb in the first preseason game against the Ravens because he'd rather start him at home on his own grass field where McNabb is comfortable. Now McNabb said, and Reid agreed, that he is healthy and strong enough to succeed this season. Let's see how far that goes. If McNabb should get injured again, there will be no amazing Garcia story to back him up......

McNabb has had three major injuries in the last five seasons. He missed the final seven games of the 2005 season with a sports hernia, and in 2002 missed the final six regular-season games with a broken ankle.

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