Saturday, August 18, 2007

Latest In Baseball News [Michael Vinciguerra]

Brandon Webb allowed just two hits in the D'Backs' 4-0 victory over the Braves. Webb's complete game shutout extended his scoreless streak to 42 innings. In other words, Webb has not given up a single run over a span of 42 innings pitched. That's incredible! Webb is 18 innings away from breaking Orel Hershiser's record of pitching 59 consecutive scoreless innings.

Jacque Jones' 2 run homer was the deciding factor in the Cubs' 2-1 victory over the Cardinals. This victory by the Cubs ended the Cards' 5 game winning streak and enabled the Cubs to gain first place in their division after the Brewers lost later that night. Poor Brewers. That young squad needs to get their act together. I still have high hopes for them this season.

The Indians and Yankees both won on Friday. The Indians' victory caused them to gain first place over the Tigers in their division while the Yankees victory kept them on pace with Seattle for the Wild Card. The Yanks are a mere .5 (not even a full game) out of the Wild Card. How many people can raise their hand and honestly say they saw that one coming.

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