Sunday, August 12, 2007

Tiger Wins 13th Major [David Stefanini]

From the Associated Press:

A season of first-time major winners ended with a familiar champion -- Tiger Woods, who seems to win them all.

Challenged only briefly Sunday along the back nine of steamy Southern Hills, Woods captured the PGA Championship to win at least one major for the third straight season and run his career total to 13 as he moves closer to the standard set by Jack Nicklaus.

I think it is time to say it; Tiger Woods is the best of all time. He has 13 major victories in his career and is almost certainly going to get the record held by Nicklaus before his time is up. For almost a decade there has been no question as to who the best golfer in the world is. And its not because the competition is horrible, Tiger just makes them look bad.

Unless Tiger gets completely bored of this and decides to retire in the next year or two, then he will not get all of golf's records. Otherwise, in 10-15 years when we look in the golf records books, Tiger is sure to have almost every significant record.

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