Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Best Rivalry in Sports; And Give Props to Jorge Posada [Addison Quale]

Did you see last night’s game between the Sox and Yanks? I’m sorry, but this has got to be the best rivalry in sports hands down. Just when we can’t imagine any more drama between these two teams, it just keeps getting better. First of all, Friday night was pretty much a disaster for Boston. Ahead 6 runs late in the game, and they can’t hold it? It’s pathetic. And as I heard one sports writer say, “Just as the Angels are in the Yankees’ heads, the Yankees are in the Sox heads.” The Yankees KNOW they can beat the Sox. And not only that, A-Rod knows he can beat Papelbon—the biggest defensive weapon the Sox have, who has been terrorizing AL hitters for the last month. So Friday’s game was huge.

And then last night’s game featured the 2 winningest pitchers in the AL in Wang and Beckett. The stakes were high for that matchup and considering the Sox were still intent on breaking up the Yankees ten year stranglehold on the AL East. The game was deadlocked at 1-1 for most of the game. That is until 2007 official goat JD Drew actually came up with a clutch hit and put Boston ahead 2-1. But perhaps the best part of the game was with no outs in the sixth and Hinske on third base when a grounder to second baseman Cano was quickly rifled home to Posada who was out in front of the plate, awaiting Hinkse. Posada caught the ball put his hands out and turned just in time to be absolutely mauled by the driving Hinske. It was an absolute plow-job and Posada went flying. But just as quickly as he went, he seemed to get up and present the ball swiftly from his glove to the home-plate umpire. OUT! I stood mesmerized while watching these replays over and over again. It was the single most intense, best baseball play I’d ever seen. And all I have to say is that Jorge Posada deserves some respect for that. He got absolutely cracked—in the head too!—and barely even flinched. What a warrior. Even a Red Sox fan such as myself can appreciate that.

Meanwhile, the tackle by Hinske seemed to get the Sox going and then went on to score 3 times in the inning despite the out. They ended up blowing out the Yanks after all this 10-1 taking back momentum from NY and putting them on the defensive again. Tomorrow’s game will feature even more drama of course as the hated Roger Clemens comes back to Fenway Park for the first time since 2003—and probably for the last time (unless they meet in the playoffs). So it’ll be Schill vs. Clemens. Don’t miss it! It’s the greatest rivalry in sports.

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