Sunday, September 09, 2007

NFL Uni Notes [J. Mark English]

  • The "C" on the uniforms look kinda cheesy. I mean is the NFL trying to mimic the NHL? Why not just stitch up an "A" on the uniforms for the assistant captains as well!
  • Notice the plethora of patches being worn by teams this year marking some sort of anniversary year? The Redskins, the Packers, and the Eagles so far have them on. I'm sure there are other teams as well, but I haven't watched every game yet. (And I won't be, but I'm just making a point...)
  • The Jets wore their away whites at home today. Was that to make them cooler in the summer heat? Man, Mangini and Belichick really despise each other.
  • The Chargers new uniforms look sleek and yet old school at the same time. I just wish they'd put the numbers on the helmets like when they used to wear the baby blue jersey.
  • Oh and are the green dots on the back of the QB helmets really necessary? The green dot designate the player on the field that can communicate through a wireless device to the sideline. But we all know its the quarterback, why is it necessary to put a dot on the back of the helmet? I'd imagine there will be some color clashes with that dot. Take the Giants for example. A blue helmet with a slide red stripe down the middle, and a blue dot on top of the red, overlapping the blue. Hmmmm. Kinda weird.

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