Sunday, September 09, 2007

College Football Notes 9.9.07 [J. Mark English]

  • Michigan & Notre Dame - Notre Dame lost an ugly game to Penn State, and Michigan was blown out at the Big House against Oregon. For the first time in history both teams are 0-2 in the same season. Its the first time since 1959 that Michigan has lost their first two games at home. Looks like its going to be a long season for these two storied collegiate football programs. At least we know that they both can't go the whole season with out a win since they play each other. Talk about mediocrity. Although, Notre Dame has an upshot in that freshman Clausen can only improve on his performance yesterday.
  • Penn State - I admit that they have a good defense, and maybe the best linebacker corps in the nation, but their team is not the stuff of champions. Sorry A.J., but Penn State is not going anywhere this year based on their performance last night which was sluggish at best.
  • LSU - #2 LSU crushed #9 Virginia Tech 48-7. LSU has been slighted in years past and even when they "won" a share of the title four or five years ago it didn't feel real since USC got most of the credit. If last year proved anything, the SEC is probably the best conference in the NCAA. The only problem is that since they all have to play each other its really difficult to get an undefeated team out of the conference. But when they get a chance to play for the BCS championship they usually win. Last year Florida stomped all over Ohio State and showed why the SEC really is the best. LSU should be this years version of Florida.
  • Boise State - The Cinderella team from last year, finally lost. They had had the longest streak in the nation. That streak ended yesterday with a loss to Washington. I was really hoping that they would finally get a chance to play for the championship. It will not be happening this year.

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