Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Yanks Sweep Sox, Then Lose Momentum [Addison Quale]

What a wild week for the Bosox and Yankee rivalry it has been. After inching back into control last week, the Sox came to Yankee Stadium with a strong 8 game lead in the division. Sox fans were smelling blood as they knew if they could just sweep this series, or even take 2 of 3, the Yanks would likely be dead for good in terms of catching up with them. But Alas-- memories from last August's Boston Massacre Part Deux came to life again. And the Yankees absolutely stymied the Sox in the Bronx behind some absolutely stellar pitching (Against Boston's best pitching no less!). If there's one Yankee I dislike the most, it's Roger Clemens. And if there's two, add in A-Rod. And if three, gimme Jeter. Well, all three took out their whuppin' sticks and had their way with the suddenly offensively-inept Boston Red Sox. After scoring 10 runs in 4 straight against the ChiSox, the Red Sox could barely bang out a hit against Wang and Clemens. And so, the Sox left with their tail between their legs and revived fears that the Yankees were not only going to now win the wild-card (they had the lead after Seattle's recent 9 game chokefest) but were also going to pull their way back into the AL East race.

But that was just like...4 days ago. And so much can change in 4 days. The Yankees, who seem to own the Red Sox these days, can't seem to hold off the Devil Rays of all teams. And they have now lost 3 of 4. Meanwhile, the Red Sox, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and won 3 of 4--making that sweep in the Bronx all but neutralized as the lead is back to 7 games now.

What is more, two huge developments occurred for each team in the pitching department. For the Red Sox, it was the emergence out of nowhere of Clay Buchholz (Did I spell that right?) to throw a no-hitter this past Saturday. It was the first by the Sox since Derek Lowe in '02 and it offered an enormous boost to a humbled clubhouse. Meanwhile, Roger Clemens, who should be given much of the credit for resurrecting the Yankees' season, took a serious turn for the worse. After rendering the Sox powerless last week, an elbow injury took the wind out of his sails in yesterday's loss to the Mariners (Not quite dead and only 1 game back.) And now experts say that he will definitely miss his next start and some even say that he may never pitch again. It was a similar elbow injury that ended another towering Texan pitcher's Hall of Fame career (Nolan Ryan- then 46 years old).

In light of these developments, suddenly, the Sox seem to have the momentum all over again. One thing is for certain, this is going to be one great pennant race this September. And let's all hope Roger comes back one more time to Fenway. That way he can truly finish off in fine style (like he did last time) which is of course being battered around by the Red Sox in the postseason!

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