Sunday, September 02, 2007

College Football Notes [J. Mark English]

  • Georgia Tech 33, Notre Dame 3 - Even I didn't realize just how great Brady Quinn was for Notre Dame until yesterday. The Fighting Irish looked less like a top tier college football team and looked more like a high school team that could not figure out what a passing play was meant for. They ran a high school option type offense...keep in mind that their head coach, Charlie Weiss, just a few years ago led pro offense to the Super Bowl with the Patriots. Yesterday he could have been coaching a high school team and you wouldn't have known the difference. It's gonna be a long year for the Irish.
  • Rutgers 38, Buffalo 3 - Okay, so the opponent was not exactly West Virginia, but the Scarlett Knights came out as a team that looked like the knew that they now belong on the national stage. Ray Rice & Co. walloped Buffalo and cruised to an easy victory. Look for great things this year in Parsippany, New Jersey this season.
  • Wisconsin 42, Washington State 21 - With Michigan losing to Appalachian State, Wisconsin could be looking to be the top team out of the Big Ten. I predict that they will be playing in a BCS bowl by the end of the season, either for the championship, or in the Rose Bowl.

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