Friday, October 26, 2007

Boston Bloggers React to Happy Days [J. Mark English]

Last night, the city of Boston was filled with nothing but good news from their local sport teams. New England continues to prepare for yet another sacrificial lamb en route to what could be a perfect season. The Boston Red Sox went up two games to nothing against the Colorado Rockies in the World Series. Boston College remained undefeated last night by beating Virginia Tech in the final minutes in a thriller, as they seek to retain their #2 ranking in the polls.
Here are some reactions of bloggers following the Boston hysteria.

First up is Kevin Donahue with his Boston College fan blog:

Everyone that I had spoken to prior to the Boston College - Virginia Tech game expected the Hokies to put an end to the Eagles BCS dreams. The only problem was no one bothered to tell BC.

Down 10-0... late in the fourth quarter... on the road... in one of the toughest road houses in college football... Boston College came alive. The Eagles scored 14 unanswered points in the final 2:11 of the game to stun the Hokie Nation.

Even Boston College coach Jeff Jagodzinski was stunned after the Eagles flurry....

...Yes, B.C. rallied for 14 points in four minutes in sloppy conditions to down a first rate defense in a first rate madhouse of a stadium, but it was only after 56 minutes of steady ass-kicking by the Hokies. Yes, B.C. survived the kind of impossible "team of destiny" game every champion has to endure at some point, but what are the odds of a similar push (there was the flubbed onside kick and everything) when the proceedings turn sour again down the line, as they almost inevitably will? Yes, Matt Ryan is a hero, a tough, vomiting hero, but his undeniable brilliance in the clutch only cancels out the rushed misfires that made up the great bulk of his first 39 attempts over more than three and a half quarters, which produced nothing. B.C. spent so long digging itself a hole on offense, the spectacular finish only got it back to 'even' in my mind.

Covering the Red Sox is the blog Joy of the Sox:

The Red Sox have not made any official announcements, but David Ortiz could play first base for all three games in Colorado. Terry Francona acknowledged that was a possible scenario: "His bat is so important [and] there will be rest time pretty soon. But if we need to [rest him], we will."

Kevin Youkilis would be the odd man out in that case as Yerry said moving Yook across the diamond to third would be "playing two guys out-of-play position, which isn't real good." Youkilis would likely come into the games in the later innings (PH/double switch) and replace Flo at first.

The last time the Red Sox won six straight World Series games? 1915 (Games 2-3-4-5) and 1916 (Games 1-2). All six of those games were decided by one run.

Dustin Pedroia became the third Red Sock to lead off a World Series game with a home run, joining Johnny Damon (2004 Game 4) and Patsy Dougherty (1903 Game 2). Only Damon was the actual first batter in the top of the first, however. The other two were batting at home.

Hideki Okajima became the first Japanese pitcher to appear in a World Series. ... Misters October. ... Teams have taken a 2-to-0 lead in the World Series 34 times -- and won the series 27 of those times, including the last 10 in a row.

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