Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sox Rock Rox in Game One: 13-1 [Addison Quale]

Are you getting tired of all these annoying alliterative titles playing around with the Red Sox and Rockies? Not me. Anyway, the Sox absolutely butchered the Rockies last night at Fenway. Do they have some sort of mystique and aura of their own now? Are they truly the new Yankees? Perhaps. But then again, didn't we just learn in the ALCS that winning game 1 handedly doesn't mean the series is over? Let's all remember that the you're only as good as your last game and that momentum lasts one game too. The Rockies are still a very good ball club and we've probably not seen the last of them.
As for managerial decisions, why in the world did Beckett pitch the 7th up 12 runs? That was absurd. The Sox could have had Beckett on short rest in game 4 and save him for a game 7 if possible. Furthermore, why bring in Timlin, your third best reliever in the 8th? As the Brazilian commentators said in the 2004 ALCS as I watched the games from Minas Gerais, "He was like a paralytic mummy out there."

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