Thursday, October 04, 2007

Red Sox Fans Roughed up in Yonkers [J. Mark English]

Not good. And this took place five minutes from where I live...

From WNBC:

Two men attacked a Red Sox fan outside a Yonkers hotel Thursday night, beating him so badly he ended up in the intensive care unit, police said.

The incident began when the two victims, Carlos Ortez and Walter Ostromecki -- one of whom was wearing a Red Sox hat -- were in the bar of the Ramada Inn late Thursday night, according to police.

Suspects Duane Somers and Edward McConaughey made a comment about the Red Sox, leading to a heated exchange, police said.

The suspects allegedly followed the Red Sox fans out into the parking lot, where they attacked Ortez, who ended up in the in an intensive care unit with broken facial bones.

Ostromecki managed to get away.

Somers and McConaughey have been arraigned on assault charges.

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