Saturday, October 20, 2007

Torre and Manny -- Total Opposites in Terms of Class [Addison Quale]

What an amazing week for baseball. The Sox in the ALCS. And the Evil-Empire destroyed as we know it. It's very possible that the next 25 guys the Yankees run out on the field in the Spring of 2008 will be very different from those who played for them the last decade. Think about this: It's possible that the only holdover from the championship years will be Derek Jeter. We've seen the last of Torre--and with him probably goes Mariano, Posada. It seems A-Rod may bolt. And Clemens surely won't return. The Yankees as we know them are history.

This does give me a sort of satisfaction as a Red Sox fan. It's great to see that the Yankees were stopped in their tracks after a torrid spat of WS Titles. And they were stopped in part by the Sox. But as great as it is to see this version of our foes vanquished forever, I am sad to see Joe Torre leave.

Torre was one heckuva manager. He was it seems the epitome of class in terms of managers. Even as the general of our arch rivals, you have to give him respect. He did a great job--year in year out making the postseason, running a clubhouse full of big egos with integrity and composure. If my prediction is worth anything, I would say that the Yankees will not make the postseason next year. There's simply no one who's going to be able to fill Torre's shoes that quickly. And the mystique and aura that will have left the Yankees will be palatable.

Now, on the other spectrum of the class dial, you have Manny Ramirez. Honestly, could you envision the Yankees and Torre putting up with his shenanigans? First off, the showing off after homeruns is just so obnoxious. He raised his hands after the 3-run walkoff blast against Anaheim. That was not TOO bad. But to do it trailing then 7-3 on a solo homer? He's very childish. Secondly, the 390 foot single? Why does this man not run?? I can't imagine Torre and the Yankees would put up with this. As for his comments where he said that it didn't matter whether or not the Sox will win, there's always next year? Maybe you're right if you say that he certainly lacks professional desire. But at the same time, these guys have so much pressure on them already, they've been doing this for 4 years now in the postseason--that's just the distanced attitude they might need to come back. And indeed it looks like the Sox have. Besides, English is Manny's second language and we shouldn't dig too deep into his words.

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