Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Indians Down Boston 7-3; Lead ALCS 3-1 [David Stefanini]

The Boston Red Sox need to find a way to get themselves going again. This from
Hang tight, Colorado Rockies. There's another team roaring through October.

And you just might see them in the World Series.

The Cleveland Indians, relying on a throwback pitcher who looks as if he stepped out of their 1948 team photo, moved one win from another crack at winning an elusive championship.
Hopefully they don't make it to the World Series, because then it'll be just like last year. A red hot NL team going up against a team from the AL not many people picked to be in the World Series.
But Cleveland is only 1 win away from making it an improbable World Series. But don't count out Boston. As Paul Byrd acknowledges, Boston has the ability to come back:
"We want to put them away here," Byrd said. "That's a great team over there. They can easily come back and win three. We're taking absolutely nothing for granted. We'll enjoy the win for now, but we want to put them away."

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