Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday Night Football First Half Thoughts [David Stefanini]

A couple of words come to mind when I think about the first half of this football game. They are; Reggie Bush. I guess the Saints decided to get their offense going, they should give the ball to Reggie; it seems to be working tonight. Throughout the first few games, Reggie Bush was doing to much dancing instead of down hill running. Tonight, he is still dancing a lot, but he is being smart about it. Instead of doing it all the time, he is doing it in spots where it is beneficial to the team.

The other thing is, the Saints are using him brilliantly in the passing game. They are throwing him screen passes, and check downs. This gets the ball into his hands with plenty of open space. He can then dance his way around defenders and pick up big chunks of yardage.

The last thing about Reggie in the first half is how he is being smart about putting his head down and running straight. He is starting to figure out sometimes its smarter to barrel ahead and pick up 2 yards as opposed to dancing around losing a couple.

Now I'm not saying he is the best RB in the league, but I am saying its nice to see him find a groove this season. So far he has been lost, and there have been whispers about him being over rated. Let's see if he can keep it up going forward into the second half.

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