Sunday, October 14, 2007

Monday Mourning Headlines [David Stefanini]

Here are some headlines you should look forward to seeing tomorrow mourning:
  • Adrian Peterson---ROY, No Doubt. He ran for 224 yards, with 3 touchdowns. As impressive as that is, it's impressive he did it against the Chicago Bears. As of right now, Peterson is leading the league in rushing with 607 yards.
  • Can New England be Stopped? The answer is no; look at the article below for details.
  • Welcome Back LT. You didn't think LT would let Adrian Peterson put up LT numbers alone did you? LT ran for 198 yards with 4 touchdowns. Including the game sealer, 41 yard dash in the 4th quarter. If anyone worried about when the real LT would show up, worry no more; he is here.
  • News Flash to Mangini: Start Clemens. I am a big Chad Pennington fan. He isn't a great QB, but he has the heart of a champion. Unfortunately, that doesn't win games. The Jets are to predictable, it's time to start Clemens. Let him go through his growing pains, and lets take it from there.

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