Saturday, May 23, 2009

LeBron Wins It For Cavs [David Stefanini]

For a quick recap: The game was amazing. The Cavs had a huge lead which the Magic cut into with their ability to make three pointers. Magic take a 2 point lead with 1 second left only to have LeBron hit a game winning three pointer at the buzzer.

What else can you say other than its what LeBron does best? He is amazing and continues his climb to the top of the league.

At the beginning of these playoffs I stated to my friends that the Magic are going to defeat the Lakers for the NBA Championship and nothing has happened to change my mind. The Magic already took the home court advantage away from the Cavs and it took a miraculous shot from LeBron James to avoid a 2-0 series lead for the Magic. Anyone else out there having deja vu? Remember a few years ago when the underdog Detroit Pistons went into the Staples Center and won Game 1 against the Lakers? In Game 2, Kobe Bryant hit a miraculous three pointer to avoid a 2-0 hole. The Pistons said, they accomplished what they wanted to and winning Game 2 wasn't that important. I get the same feeling with this Magic team. The Cavs don't match up well with the Magic and there is no reason why this series should go longer than 5 or 6 games. (Magic winning).

With that said every night I'm praying for hours that I get to see the 'Dream Match-up'. LeBron vs Kobe in the NBA Finals. The NBA has had questionable things happen in the past that has led to a belief of games and drafts being fixed. If there was ever a time to fix anything it is this. David Stern, PLEASE make it that we all get to see the Lakers vs the Cavs in the Finals. It's only fitting. These Conference Finals, as good as they have been, are merely an appetizer to the main course.

Ladies and Gentlemen with the Cavs win tonight the Magic Number to the perfect NBA Finals is down to 6. Three wins by the Lakers and three from the Cavs and we get The Great One vs The Chosen One.

Tomorrow look for the Lakers to bounce back from their disappointing loss in Game 2. Kobe was not hitting his jump shots and unless Jesus Christ himself is in the arena to prevent it you can guarantee that Kobe will find his jumper in Denver. Lakers win a close one to move 2-1 up.

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