Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Your Fix is Back 5.12.09 [J. Mark English]

  • Mark Cuban had the decency to apologize to Kenyon Martin, as well as Martin's Mom.
  • NFL Commish, Roger Goodell is seriously considering having a second regular season game in London. ENOUGH! Please stop forcing teams to lose a home game during the regular season. I seriously do not think that the NFL will be fielding amazing talent from Europe any time in the near future. Hasn't NFL Europe been a total flop? They are even entertaining the idea of having a Super Bowl in England. Are you kidding me? Instead of having a SB in England, lets try having one in NEW England first.
  • Let the bidding begin! Pieces of the old Yankee Stadium are being auctioned off starting today. I'm willing to bet that the pieces will be put out for far more then what they are worth. Hold out till the prices come down - and they will come down.
  • Speaking of the Yankees and things getting old, Roger Clemens is back in the news. He once again has denied using steroids. Sure thing Roger... Maybe most of the players would have a chance of reconciliation with the fans and the HOF voters if they would just own up to their mistakes.
  • A baby bumps a kid. Well, not really. Glen "baby" Davis, of the Boston Celtics, has apologized for bumping a 12 year old Orlando Magic fan.
  • The doctor of wrestler Chris Benoit (you might remember him from such shootings of his wife and son) has been sent to jail for up to ten years.
  • Peggy Noonan, of the Wall Street Journal, had a great "obit" about the death of former Bills QB Jack Kemp this past weekend. He a true renaissance man.

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