Friday, May 08, 2009

Really LA? (with apologies to SNL) [Addison Quale]

Really LA? You didn't see this coming? Really LA? You thought Manny Ramirez was a good upstanding citizen of a ballplayer that had the best interests of the Dodgers at heart? Really LA? You are shocked that Manny has turned out to be a total jerk? I mean, come on. Really Bill Plaschke of the LA Times? You have come to learn in time that Manny Ramirez is a selfish player who can no longer be trusted? Really? All of this has "dropped a bomb on Mannywood, leveling the Dodgers' spirit, stripping the Dodgers' psyche, and blowing up the Dodgers' safe." Really LA? Was it the 5+ years of selfish grandstanding he committed over in Boston, the beating of a senior citizen on staff and the refusal to honor his contract with the Sox and play ball that helped you solve this serpentine riddle? Or was it the less than not even 10 months of selfish grandstanding with the Dodgers before failing a drug test that tipped you off? I mean, come on. Really LA? Like Michael Bluth says to his father George in Arrested Development after he tells his son that Saddam Hussein never made good on his contract to purchase Bluth model homes: "You mean, you didn't realize that he wouldn't pay?" Really LA? You didn't realize that Manny Ramirez was not to be trusted? You didn't realize that he wouldn't play? That Mannywood was built on a foundation of sand? That the face of your franchise was a low-life scoundrel? I mean, come on. Really LA?

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