Tuesday, August 04, 2009

"25 Things We Miss about Football" [J. Mark English]

Football is right around the corner. Teams have reported to camp, and pretty soon our lazy Sundays will be occupied with the rush and thrill of gridiron battles.

Sports Illustrated recently posted a list of 25 things we miss about football, that we more then likely will not see this year or anytime soon:

1. The USFL

2. Over-the-top Touchdown/Sack Dances

3. Al Davis When he was a football Genius

4. Single-Bar Facemasks

5. The College All-Stars vs. Defending Super Bowl Champions Game

6. Well-Dressed Coaches

7. College Football Games Played only on Saturday

8. The Statue of Liberty Play in the NFL

9. Old Mile High Stadium

10. Quarterbacks calling their own plays

11. Frank Broyles

12. Straight-on kickers

13. Spiked Footballs After TD's

14. Drop Kicks

15. The NFL in L.A.

16. Two-Bar Facemask

17. Tearaway Jerseys

18. Jack Buck and Hank Stram Calling CBS Radio's Monday Night Football Games

19. Stickum and Eye-Black

20. The Wishbone

21. Pete Rozelle

22. The Orange Bowl in the Orange Bowl

23. Barefoot Kickers

24. Brent Musburger Beginning a Telecast on CBS "You Are Looking Live..."

25. Aloca Presents...Fantastic Finishes

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