Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Your Late Night Fix 11.29.06 [J. Mark English]

  • Feeling snubbed, Albert Pujols thinks that the MVP should be from a playoff team. (Thats great Pujols...but you had a supporting cast, and Howard didn't....he was much more happy with your WS ring.)
  • Cowboy's T.O. says that cutting Vanderjagt was a mistake. (So was the signing of T.O. in the first place...wanna join him T.O.?)
  • Joe Namath over the last days has been on Imus in the Morning, ESPN Radio, 60 Minutes, the YES Network, SNY, and MSG. He's really pushing for his book! If its not on the New York Times best selling list after all this he should feel like he wasted his time...
  • Speaking of books - a thirty five pound book has been released about the life of Pele: So how better to celebrate the man at 66 than with a silk-swaddled tome of 720 pages that is 2¾ inches thick, weighs 35 pounds and measures nearly 18 by 14 inches? It contains 1,700 images and 300,000 words by numerous sportswriters and interviews with some of Pelé’s teammates between covers in the green and yellow of Brazil’s national team....Of the 2,500, 2,100 will sell for $3,000 (thats all!!)....Another 250 are priced at $3,750 because the photographer Marvin Newman signed his 16-by-20-inch picture of Pelé in Central Park in 1975.
  • Moving on - Phil Taylor thinks that Mark McGwire does not belong in the hall.
  • Bill Cowher has not interest in the N.C. State head coaching job - and will stay put in Pittsburgh.
  • The Vikings are back in the news again: The Minnesota Vikings are dealing with another off-the-field incident this week after receiver Troy Williamson said he was struck in the face during a charity event sponsored by teammate Darren Sharper.
  • Bill Simmons with an amusing piece about the NBA's Eastern Conference: You couldn't even call the Eastern Conference an apocalypse -- it's more like a poopocalypse. Haha...
  • Finally the legendary Kronk Gym in Detroit has closed.