Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Jason Kidd Gets Fined for Blaming Refs [David Stefanini]

The NBA today announced they are fining Mr. Triple Double, Jason Kidd $20,000 for his rant after last night's lost to the Pistons. Last night Kidd said such things as the "three-blind mice" were running the game. Kidd also said it's hard to show up to play a game when your battling the crowd, the Pistons, and the refs.
I think Kidd is completely correct. I watched most of the game last night and I thought the refs were pathetic. The last play of the game summed up what happened throughout the game. Vince Carter would blow past his defender, a Piston player would knock him off-balance, the refs would allow it, and the Nets would turn the ball over.
I am never one to say the refs can cost you a game. The players on the court decide who win the game. If the refs get under your skin and alter your play, that is the players fault. However I can understand the frustration and anger in Jason Kidd. The last play of the game should have been Carter shooting two free-throws to tie and win the game.
If David Stern is going to make a change in 2007, it should not be going back to the old ball, it should be taking all the officials back to school and teaching them how to call a game evenly. The officiating this season is the worst I have ever seen. Fouls are called to quickly and other times hard fouls aren't even called a foul. Something needs to be done in 2007 or the players are going to be giving a lot of money to the NBA.

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