Sunday, December 24, 2006

Tiki Barber Ponders Last Home Game [J. Mark English]

This comes from Tiki Barber's press conference a few days ago:

RE: his last home game

A: I think about it. Its the last time I'll ever put on this blue uniform and walk off this field. And its sad, but its a natural progression of sport and inevitably it comes to an end. I'm excited. I have a whole lot of opportunities going on to the next thing.

Q: Are you guarding against some of your emotions right now?

A: Maybe subconsciously, because I get so focused on just playing and winning and trying to figure out a game plan, how to be successful. Maybe. And I know at some point after this week it might not happen until after the New Year and our last game, but I realize that I won't be doing this anymore. But its not something Im scared of, its not something I regret. Its been a great run for me I know that. Great ups, great downs, I've been to a Super Bowl and hopefully if things turn around a little bit I'll be able to go again.

Q: Because it is your last home game, do you have a little added extra motivation for you this week?

A: It's the greatest stadium in the world to play in. The knowledge and the emotion of these fans are phenomenal. And given that the guy on the other side of the field this week is the one who started to make me into who I am, its even more so. Its like I'm showing out for my daddy over there, so it'll be fun.

Q: Have there ever been second thoughts for you at all since you made this decision?

A: No. The decision was beginning to formulate in my head after last season. It was made significantly before we started. Its right for me, and every guy knows in their head when its time. I know its time.

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