Saturday, December 30, 2006

Michael Jordan gets a Divorce [David Stefanini]

The G.O.A.T (Greatest of All-Time) filed for divorce yesterday with his wife, Juanita. Jordan and Juanita have been married since September 2, 1989. Since February of this year they have been living separate from each other.
Problems in the Jordan house hold go back to 2002 when Juanita filed for divorce. However she later withdrew the divorce papers because her and Jordan were going to try and make their marriage work.
This is a huge blow for me personally because I have always looked up to Michael Jordan as a god-like figure. Every since I was 5 years old I ate, drank, and slept everything Michael Jordan. Sometimes it was hard for me to realize that he is just another man. His filing for divorce shows once more that he is just human. It is big media news for the icon he across the world. It's just very difficult to imagine Jordan going through any kind of hardships. Every image I have of him is him rising above the occasion, taking control of the situation, and finding a way to overcome and conquer it.
I wish Jordan the best (and I am going to pray he reads this someday).

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