Friday, December 08, 2006

NBA News of the Day 12.8.2006: [David Stefanini]

- What a game the Suns and Nets played. To put the scoring in perspective, 6 GAMES have not scored 157 points in a game. The losing team had that when these two teams played.
- In that amazing win by the Suns, they extended their winning streak to 9 games.
- Jason Kidd ties Wilt chamberlain for 3rd on the all time triple-double list. For his career he has 78.
- Last night the Pistons beat the Mavs. The Pistons shows once again they are a dominate team in this league.

Player of the Night:
Steve Nash and Jason Kidd can split the honors, along with the entire Suns and Nets team. Nash had a career high 42 points while Kidd did literally everything. Kidd finished with 38, 14, and 14.

Game of to Watch Tonight:
The Heat vs the Nuggets; Wade vs Melo. Right now the better team is the Nuggets and right now Carmelo is playing better than anyone in the league, period. The game is on ESPN at 10:30et.