Saturday, January 13, 2007

Final: Indianapolis Colts 15, Baltimore Colts 6 [J. Mark English]

And the Colts lucky numbers are: 23, 42, 51, 48, 35.

Those numbers represent the lengths of the five kicks that Adam Vinateri successfully made as the Colts put another dagger into the heart of Baltimore.

In the first two rounds of the playoffs, the Colts have been a different team then the flashy offensive minded team we have grown accustomed to in the regular season. In the month of January, this team has taken on the identity of a defense with gumption, and grit. They are using the cover two (or Tampa Two) defense to smother recievers, and halt the running game. Jamal Lewis of the Ravens was limited to just 53 rushing yards. McNair could only throw for 173 yards, and was harrassed all day from a rush of only four linemen.

Could this be the year that Manning and the Colts finally punch through and make it to the Super Bowl?

No matter who they play next week...the Chargers on the road, or the Patriots at home in the dome...we'll be watching...and oh man...will it be fun to watch.

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