Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Reason to Root for the Chargers and the Bears [David Stefanini]

The San Diego Chargers and the Chicago Bears are taking the term home-field advantage to a new level. They are not allowing anyone to purchase tickets to the game unless they live in the area in the state where there teams play. If you order tickets online and you are from New York or any other state your order will be cancelled without notice. I think this is great!!

This is the best thing that can happen for sports. I hate going to a game where I am rooting for the home team and there are people all around me rooting for the other team. I want to go and have everyone surrounding me rooting for the team that I love and I paid to see in their home-field. I hope the Chargers and the Bears make it to the Super Bowl because of this reason alone. And the small fact I picked them to be there since week 3 of the season.

Every sports team should adopt this policy in the playoffs. I would not do this in the regular season because the focus should be selling as many tickets as possible to increase revenue, but playoff games are going to sell out everywhere. Why not sell them to people who are going to cause havoc on the opposition.

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