Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Chris Webber, 76ers Part Ways [David Stefanini]

The Philadelphia 76ers and Chris Webber have come to an agreement in which Webber becomes a free agent as of today, and he receives almost all of his 45 million dollars he has left on his contract.

This is another move the 76ers are making to improve there team in the upcoming years. First they trade Iverson for two first round draft picks, giving them three first round picks in one of the deepest drafts ever. Now they are getting rid of a player who is past his prime and taking up cap room. The 76ers have thrown away any idea of the team winning this season but as the weeks go by they are looking better and better for the upcoming years.

Now to talk about Chris Webber and where he is going to land. It's a toss up right now for where he will land. He fits the typical profile of someone the Knicks would like, past his prime, going to demand a lot of money, and typically a distraction on the locker room; however he is not a guard thus Isiah won't get him. I am going to say Webber will land somewhere in the Eastern Conference on a young team who needs veteran leadership to take the youngsters to stardom in the near future.

My guess would be Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats, but it is a big guess and there are about 30 other teams he could land with.

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