Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Predictions for the Very Wild Card Weekend [Michael Vinciguerra]

I must apologize to any fans who find my writing at least somewhat interesting or entertaining. I was on vacation for a week, but I'm back now and ready to analyze this weekend's AFC and NFC wild card games.

Chiefs Vs. Colts -- I want to make this clear. I am a huge Colts fan and even as I am typing this I am wearing my Manning jersey that I have not washed in 3 weeks. However, based on the way the Colts have been playing recently, unless Dungy can figure out a way to get his defense to stop a team from running all over them, not even Manning will save them against Larry Johnson.

Jets Vs. Patriots
-- Oh what a shocker. Tom Brady in the playoffs again. I don't want to discredit the Jets though. They have improved over the past weeks and this will be a close game. New England, however, will triumph in the end.

Giants Vs Eagles -- I did say I was wearing my Manning jersey, but I want to make this clear. I am wearing a Peyton jersey, not Eli. I would never wear an Eli Manning jersey. His inconsistency has proven that the Giants don't trust him and would rather resort to Barber in crucial 3rd down plays. Can Eli get his game together? Probably not. Just send one linebacker to pressure him and he tosses the ball in the air carelessly. Based on the way the Eagles and Garcia have surprised everyone this year, it would be no surprise to see the Eagles pull this one out.

Vs. Cowboys -- I had to do a double take when I saw the Seahawks in the playoffs. Where did they come from? Doesn't the Madden curse have control of them? The reason why this team is ranked where they are is because they won their poor division, but I would still rank the Seahawks as a sub-par Wild Card team. Though the Cowboys haven't been great the past few weeks, they should at least be able to make it past the Seahawks.

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