Wednesday, January 03, 2007

NFL Coaching Status Report [EdMcGon]

With the two NFL coaches fired this week (so far), now is a good time to take a look at where other NFL coaches stand:

RAVENS: What a difference a season makes! Brian Billick was on the hot seat coming into this year. Not any more.

CHARGERS: You might think Marty Schottenheimer saved his job with a 14-2 season. Unfortunately for Marty, it is a poorly kept secret that General Manager A.J. Smith despises Schottenheimer. My guess is owner Alex Spanos would fire Smith before Schottenheimer at this point.

PATRIOTS: Currently, Bill Belichick has the most job security of any NFL head coach. Three Super Bowl wins with average talent will do that for you.

BEARS: Lovie Smith needs a new contract. The Bears WILL pay through the nose for waiting this long to get it done.

SAINTS: Thanks to an impressive franchise turnaround, Sean Payton is quite secure going into next year.

TITANS: Before this year, Jeff Fisher was on the hot seat. A lot of teams were salivating at the prospect of Fisher being fired after this rebuilding year for the Titans. Fisher turned this team around MUCH quicker than anyone expected, although everyone expected him to do it.

EAGLES: The phrases "Andy Reid" and "hot seat" never seem to meet in one sentence.

COWBOYS: Will Parcells retire? My guess is Parcells comes back, but Terrell Owens will be on another team.

BRONCOS: Mike Shanahan seems to have unlimited job security in Denver, but the good will could run out if the Broncos tank next year.

COLTS: I will repeat my bold prediction which I have made for awhile now: Tony Dungy will be fired when the Colts get bounced from the playoffs this year. ESPECIALLY if they lose this weekend.

BENGALS: Marvin Lewis is safe, but the Bengals missing the playoffs has to be worrisome to management.

CHIEFS: Herman Edwards isn't on the hot seat yet, but I will be surprised if he lasts past next season.

JAGUARS: Jack Del Rio did the housecleaning of his coaching staff which management required in order for him to keep his job.

GIANTS: Unless the Giants make a nice run in the playoffs, Coughlin will be gone. I am betting he is a dead coach walking.

PANTHERS: John Fox is secure, but the seat might get a bit toasty next year.

JETS: Eric Mangini has done a marvelous job in his first season. He has a little wiggle room next season, unless the team takes a nosedive.

FALCONS: Jim Mora was already fired. The rumor mill has the Falcons interested in Oklahoma's Bob Stoopes.

SEAHAWKS: Mike Holmgren is safe.

RAMS: Scott Linehan has some chemistry issues with this team. If he doesn't get them sorted out, next season could be his last.

STEELERS: Bill Cowher is all but gone. Rumor has it the Rooneys have put pressure on Cowher for an immediate decision regarding his future, because other teams (i.e. Arizona and Atlanta) have started sniffing around the Steeler assistant coaches. I predict Cowher retires and comes back in 2008 somewhere else. I also predict offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt gets the head coaching job in Pittsburgh.

REDSKINS: Joe Gibbs will be back for next season, which will also be his last season.

BILLS: Dick Jauron did a good job this year with a nothing team. But the Bills will have to show some improvement next year or Jauron's gone.

DOLPHINS: is reporting that Nick Saban has already accepted the head coaching position at Alabama. It is still too early to tell who might be a head coaching prospect here, because another rumor has owner Wayne Huizenga selling the team.

UPDATE: It is official: According to, Saban is going to Alabama.

BROWNS: Romeo Crennell is on a VERY hot seat now, which is unfair in my opinion. The Browns had little talent and a brutal schedule.

BUCCANEERS: There were a lot of rumors swirling around Jon Gruden, but it seems like he is staying put. But if the Bucs have another year like this one, Gruden will be gone.

VIKINGS: Brad Childress started out well, but cooled off. Next season will determine his future with the Vikings.

49ERS: Mike Nolan exceeded expectations with a 7-9 season.

PACKERS: Mike McCarthy did ok for a rebuilding year. Safe for another year.

CARDINALS: With Dennis Green gone, the rumor mill has the Cards interested in offensive line coach Russ Grimm of the Steelers.

TEXANS: The Texans were rebuilding, although the team did show some progress under Gary Kubiak.

LIONS: Matt Millen has staked his future on Rod Marinelli. Unfortunately for Marinelli, that goes both ways.

RAIDERS: Art Shell is safe for another year, but only because the head coach hiring process was a painful one for the Raiders last year.

UPDATE 2: The Falcons are meeting with Steelers offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

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