Tuesday, January 09, 2007

McGwire Left Out of the Hall [David Stefanini]

In a class with two obvious picks for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Cal Ripken Jr. and Tony Gwinn, the biggest question was, will Mark McGwire get into the Hall? The answer for the first year his name has appeared on the ballot is NO.
I am very happy the voters did not allow McGwire in. McGwire's name only appeared on 23% of the ballots, 75% is needed to be elected. The question now becomes will he ever be elected? I think all these people who we see on TV claiming they will never vote for him and he has to be the poster child for all things bad are full of themselves. This country forgives and forgets to quickly about everything, McGwire will be no different.
I give it 5-7 years before McGwire gets in, but he will get in non-the-less.
One little side note about this years balloting; Ripken recieved over 98% of the vote. That total is the third highest in history. Not to be outdone, Tony Gwinn recieved over 97% of the vote; that was the seventh hightest in history.

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