Sunday, January 07, 2007

Results of the NFL Very Wild Card Weekend [Michael Vinciguerra]

The Wild Card Weekend in the NFL is over and of the 4 games I correctly predicted 2 of the outcomes (and I'm very thankful I called the Colts game wrong). Here are my thoughts on the games:

Chiefs Vs Colts -- Peyton Manning should be personally thanking and shaking the hand of every member of the Chiefs offense for playing so badly and keeping him in the game long enough to get it together by the end. Seriously, the Chiefs played so poorly that they did not even get a first down (only 10 yards) until the middle of the third quarter. Larry Johnson, who was supposed to run all over the Colts' weak defense, was held in check and Trent Green could not get the passing game going. Ironically, the Colts defense was the factor which helped them win. The Colts' offense was terrible, except for Addai who ran all over the Chiefs, and Peyton Manning threw 3 interceptions which the Chiefs could do nothing with. The Colts can celebrate this week, but reality will slap them in the face when they play Baltimore next week. I still remain hopeful for the Colts, however. Since Peyton has a playoff win under his belt, maybe this win will help eliminate some playoff jitters and calm him down for next week.
Seahawks Vs Cowboys -- I absolutely do not care what the final score was. The Cowboys should have won. Instead, Tony Romo should be ashamed of himself for fumbling a snap (one of your most basic plays in football that becomes almost routine) which resulted in the Seahawks' victory. The Seahawks should consider themselves lucky to be advancing to the next round and like the Colts, they will receive a rude awakening next week when they face the Bears.
Jets Vs Patriots -- I expected this game to be close....and it was until the fourth quarter. The Jets as a team both offensively and defensively played well and hung in there until Pennington's interception caused the momentum to shift in favor of the Patriots. The Jets never regained that momentum and the Patriots ran away with the game. Now I can't wait to watch Tom Brady lose to the Chargers next week.
Giants Vs Eagles -- This was the game of the week and the closest, most exciting game of the four. I'm proud of Eli Manning for not doing anything stupid with the football under pressure. Tiki Barber ran all over the Eagles defense as did Westbrook on the Giants' defense. Garcia took some major hits and did not play as well as he normally does because of the pressure he was constantly under. In the end the Eagles ran the clock out and won by a mere field goal. Now my question is if the Eagles barely squeaked by the struggling Giants, how do they expect to beat the Saints and that high powered offense?

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