Friday, January 05, 2007

Taylor wins Defensive Player of the Year? [David Stefanini]

Jason Taylor won the Defensive player of the year award, yes he had a great year, but there are two players that did better.
Shawne Merriman and Champ Bailey were more deserving of the award. I can understand people not voting for Merriman because of the suspension he received for performance enhancing drugs, however I think Champ Bailey was much more deserving of the award. Bailey had 10 interceptions on the year, and no quarterback throws the ball in his direction.
Taylor had less tackles and sacks than Merriman. Taylor had an unbelievable season, but when everything is considered Champ Bailey was a shut down corner. Week after week he went out there and single handily took the opposing team's best receiver out of the game and made him a non-factor. Taylor did not have a similar impact on defense. Taylor caused havoc and did force 10 fumbles, but his play did not have as big of an impact as Bailey's play had.
Do not think I am saying Taylor did not deserve the award because he is a fantastic player and is very deserving, I just think Champ Bailey should of won the award over him.

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