Monday, February 19, 2007

Double Standard for Wedlock? [J. Mark English]

Tom Brady can kiss his pretty boy image goodbye. This from Liz Smith of the New York Post:
Bridget Moynahan, the star of ABC's "Six Degrees," is expecting and the father is New England Patriot All-Pro quarterback Tom Brady, although the couple is no longer together.
Moynahan, 36, is more than three months along and "healthy and excited" about the impending arrival, said her spokeswoman, Christina Padadopoulos.
And guess where Brady is as this news is revealed?
Tom has been busy with new gal pal supermodel Gisele Bundchen.
The two were spotted in the city of love, Paris, where they attended the famous Bartabas Horses Show. The happy couple then had dinner at the Cafe de la Paix where they played tonsil hockey for a while. After dinner, the couple went back to the Ritz Hotel. No word yet if Tom has heard that the stork is coming!
Okay so is it really that big of a deal that another professional athlete is having a child out of wedlock? It happens every day. When Derrick Thomas of the Chiefs died years ago, there were like five women all claiming to have a share in his fortune because he fathered children with them. But its as if its expected with an African American player.
But when Tom Brady, who is the squeaky clean white kid, gets into a similar mess there is a big uproar. Why should there be a double standard? Its as if the media is portraying the black community as less then perfect, while white athletes are family roll models.
If Michael Vick was going through the same thing that Brady is going through, I bet there would be hardly any coverage about the story. To me, that is racism. There are a multitude of African American players that treat their families right, and are faithful. On the other hand there are plenty of white athletes that can be scum of the earth. Jason Kidd as an example is not exactly your average saint.
Maybe its just me, but I think its weird that this Brady story is such a big deal. Just watch, it will become tabloid headlining news. The big story being, what will Brady do now that he has a kid to look after? WHO CARES?

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